My name is Rebekah. I have made my way through this life, acquiring a husband, two children and four grandchildren. I still don't feel that I'm old enough to have grandchildren, but my children have proven me wrong.

I love it when you look at my photographs and imagine what the story may be.  Make up your own stories.  I love to capture your moments in life that make you and your family happy. I work so diligently to let the lens express what I see, hoping it's the candid moments that you see - and then your heart skips... remembering.

I am blessed to have the freedom to explore photography with a passion for the moment. I am blessed to have the freedom to use photography to give others happiness. I am just blessed.

Specializing in school portraits, senior portraits, family portraits, professional headshots, and weddings. I look forward to helping you make memories that you will cherish for ever and ever.